Album: N/A
Producer: Harry Fraud
Label: Smart Crew,Fool's Gold,Vice Atlantic

LL Cool J threw his legacy in the garbage last year with a song called "Ratchet." Then he poured spoiled milk all over the soiled remnants by making "Accidental Racist" with Brad Paisley. Two months ago, one of the greatest careers in hip-hop history seemed not only finished, but like a thing that hurt to ever remember.

But here comes Action Bronson to save the day. Queens' rising rap star recruited LL and G-Unit stalwart Lloyd Banks for the remix to "Strictly 4 My Jeeps." And somehow, Harry Fraud's flip of the beat from EPMD's classic, "Rampage"-a song LL guested on back in 1992-reinvigorated the living legend. Sounding more invigorated than he has since the mid-90s, he even had the courage to take the current state of rap to task. "Watered-down garbage-ass rap is prevalent," he barks. "All I wanna know is how the fuck y'all selling it?" Now, on one hand, LL's not really in the position to criticise anybody for anything these days. But he sounds so passionate while he's doing so, you almost forget he's been spent the first part of this year as a Twitter punchline.

Bronson and Banks do their thing, too, but LL really steals the show! It's shocking! No, this doesn't fully redeem him—he asked white people to forgive him for wearing gold chains. But it's a nice reminder of his former greatness. —Dharmic X