Date: May 15

No new friends? Try no new brands. Drake popped up on set at DJ Khaled's "No New Friends" video shoot in—gasp—Dada Supreme short suit circa 1998.

Damn, Drake always has to take the attention at these video shoots, too. Poor DJ Khaled, he's in the back suffering from success and Rick Ross is letting his chest breathe in yet another white tracksuit with nothing underneath it. Out comes Drake like, "Heeeeeeeey, you guys remember Dada?!" Rozay is like "Ughhhh," and Lil Wayne is somewhere off in the distance yelping "Trukfit!"

Whatever, you get it. Damani Dada on Drake sent Twitter into a fury. Meanwhile, he was all over Teyana Taylor in the club the next night. Who wins this round? Drizzy Dada of course. —Lauren Nostro

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