"Best" Line: "Don't cry ya little bitch/Be a man!"
Penicillin On Wax

There is a case to be made that Tim Dog is almost too good of a rapper for this list. Unlike many other artists mentioned herein, the simplicity of his verses served the purpose of each of his songs pitch-perfectly. If you want to hear a true street rap superhero (who "even whooped Superman's ass"), being able to one-up the competition through pure brute force, Tim is your man.

But "Dogs Gonna Getcha," from the late rapper's underground classic Penicillin On Wax, qualifies perfectly. It's a victory of raw visceral force uber alles. Lyricism? None. Technique, skill or versatility? Who cares. This song is better than the tracks of lyrical miracles, because it understands that what makes a great MC is transmitting a feeling of invincibility, not some abstract yearning for "quality" or "skill." —David Drake