Funkiest Jam: Loggins and Messina "Pathway To Glory"

You might be scratching your head, asking yourself, "How is the 'Danger Zone' guy funky? Complex, have you lost your collective digital-hive mind?"

We assure you we have not. Need we remind you that his Keep The Fire album cover is the single swaggiest piece of art made in the latter-half of the 20th century? Sure, most everyone knows Mr. Loggins from his solo career and such aggressively white hits as the aforementioned "Danger Zone" and "Footloose," but his collaboration with Messina on "Pathway To Glory" single-handedly lands him on this list, as it's considered a Chicago Steppers' classic.

A DJ could literally spin "Pathway To Glory" (skip to the 4:30 mark) in the mix with "Step in the Name of Love" by R. Kelly and Marvin Gaye songs. Totally mind-blowing. Totally awesome. Totally funky.