Funkiest Jam: Justin Timberlake (Oh No) What You Got

There was a time in our lives where there was no sexy. You couldn't find it on TV; you couldn't buy it from a store. Worldwide sexy scarcity was causing people to panic. The Yen tanked. There were riots in Greece. America was at the cusp of anarchy. But then Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. From where? Perhaps he developed a machine to create some? Perhaps he came across a long-forgotten stash while traipsing through the Amazon?

We'll never know, but that shouldn't stop us from thanking him. It takes absurd amounts of funk to overcome a Mickey Mouse Club and *NSYNC past. Justin rose up from all that and flourished. We're still not ready to forgive him for that time he wore cornrows, but we can overlook almost anything in exchange for the precious gift that was Future Sex/LoveSounds. Oh yeah, there was also Justified and The 20/20 Experience, too.

Justin's musical personality leans more toward the funky/soul side of pop. The boy can dance, sing, act—if there's one thing JT is, it's funky. And he often brings out the best in mega-producers like The Neptunes and Timbaland due to his experimental nature. Now if only Timberlake can bring back Magoo...