14. "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" (2005)

Director: Hype Williams
Album: Late Registration

Aside from "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" being one of the most recited choruses during the summer of 2005, Hype Williams helped Kanye deliver a thought-provoking visual for a once again controversial track. Kanye attacks the heart of the song dead on as he has children portraying the horrific ordeal of mining for diamonds while under the watchful eye of abusive supervision in Sierra Leone. Hype and Kanye make the message hit home when they juxtapose the footage of children mining with footage of a wealthy man proposing to his girlfriend with a diamond ring that, once placed on her finger, quickly turns into blood and becomes a gruesome scene.

After spitting verses in front of Prague's best architecture, Kanye runs his extraordinarily expensive car into a jewlery store at the end of the video in a last ditch effort to stick it to the man even further. The video ends with the simple message of "Please purchase conflict-free diamonds." We got it.