Producer: Danja
Album: We The Best
Label: Terror Squad Koch

In the late 2000s, a specific group of artists defined the sound of popular hip-hop: DJ Khaled brought together the biggest stars, Akon provided the hooks, and producers like Danja and The Runners brought a smooth Miami sound to center stage. Every song was a glossy, wide-screen event. T.I.'s verse is about a country-wide takeover in the form of a dexterous geographical lesson; Ross, at this point still relying on a fairly basic rhyme style, had yet to really lay on the lyricism, but Fat Joe brings an unexpectedly deft verse: "Feelin' like Pac, All Eyez On Me / fresh bandanna and I'm blowin' mad trees." Of course, it was Lil Wayne who would completely steal the show, after a quick intro from Birdman; Weezy even manages a reference to Kindergarten Cop.  David Drake

Best Verse: Lil Wayne