Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Chopper City in the Ghetto
Label: Cash Money, Universal

Years of corny old people using the word 'bling' has completely ruined whatever cachet it once had. But try to remember that the term came from one of the CMB clique's best songs. On "Bling Bling," Mannie Fresh was at his most technoid— lessons obtained from a mentorship with Chicago house legend Steve Silk Hurley wedded to New Orleans bounce sound of Mannie's youth.

Joined by Baby and the Hot Boys, New Orleans' own version of the Beatles, "Bling Bling" redefined the posse cut for a new era. Mannie has said that the Hot Boys' trained by rapping back in forth in the style of old-school hip-hop routines. It isn't too often that Baby gets the best verse on a Cash Money track, but his verse ("hit the club, light the bitch up. Cash Money motto: you drink til you throw up") proved to be one of the song's most memorable moments. —David Drake

Best Verse: Baby

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