Former Bad Boy rapper Trevell “G. Dep” Coleman has been in the news a lot lately—for all the wrong reasons. His decision to turn himself in for an unsolved killing—for which he received a 15-years-to-life sentence—has transformed him from a hip-hop footnote to one of the most tragic and enigmatic characters in rap history. Clearly Dep is a thoughtful cat, and now he’s ready to turn the page from convicted killer to book author.

Yesterday we broke the news that he was writing his memoirs behind bars. Today we bring you the first look at the first chapter of his forthcoming book, The Autobiographical Rapping Dude: The Rhyme Book.

In this passage the imprisoned MC tells a disturbing tale from his youth. One day, 10-year-old Coleman found a gun while playing with his friends near Harlem’s notorious James Weldon Johnson housing projects. Dep vividly recounts the details of the exciting yet horrifying day, and of his adolescent crew’s plans to cash in on the score. Moreover, he does it all in verse form. (This would definitely make an ill audio book.) Check out our exclusive excerpt below.

Intro written by Jesse Gissen (@JesseGissen)


He dragged it to the fence
By the bench
Next to the entrance.
When he reached in
we gathered 'round in sequence
like we were the team, and he was explaining the defense.

“Oh man this is as big as a leg of lamb,"
Was all he could say with the pistol in hand.
“Somebody must have left this,”
Is what my guess is
“But this is a new bag, how could you forget this?”

Then I looked in the bag
There was a rag
And a box that said .357 mag-
I'm guessing that was the make of the gun.
But we all looked stunned
Like, Where did this come from?

Now it's seven fifty something p.m.
My mother's eating
When a knock on the door disturbed her iced tea. Then
She answered the door it was the 28th precinct
With pictures of a guy, they asked her had she seen him.

Now I know this 'cause
When I came home she was
Upset with me
Because it was around eight thirty.

She told me when it gets dark out, she starts to worry
And don't you touch the food, your hands are dirty!
And I better be careful out there
Cops were here
And said someone was killed and we should all be aware.
She looked scared,
One of the few times I heard her swear.
She said, "Yeah, its time for us to move the F outta here.”
All I could do was chew and feel fear
’Cause I'm thinking ’bout the pistol, that we hid upstairs
On the roof
Up under the pigeon coop. 

We said we would all get some rest and figure out what to do
Sitting watching Barretta
Putting two and two together
It equals, someone is asleep forever.
It could only explain
How that gun remains
Deep inside the bushes
Where no one would look for it.

Now, I'm weighing the facts
Should we just put it back?
But seeing what we were in the midst of, picture that?
And I couldn’t really sleep so I laid my pillow flat
Then I closed my eyes, contact...

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