Last week, former Bad Boy rapper G. Dep was recently served a 15 years to life sentence. After confessing to a two decade old murder that took place in 1993, he still believes it was the right thing to do. During an interview with The New York Post from Riker’s Island, he has accepted his decision, even though he evaded the law all these years.

"Maybe at the end of serving time or after looking back, someone might feel differently,” he said. “But now I feel what I did was right.”

G. Dep spoke on what advice he would have given his teenage self. His respond was direct, reflecting on the fact  that if he didn’t make those life choices his 11-year-old daughter would have never entered his life.

“I would have told myself to stop playing with guns,” he said. "Sometimes you think things happen for a reason, and if I wasn’t who I was then, like maybe my daughter would have never been born.”

Dep is going to use the time in prison to write an autobiography and new music, as well as stay in shape. When asked if he has forgiven himself for the shooting of John Henkel, he replied, “No, I’m working on it.”

[via The New York Post]