MCM just dropped a new Eau de Parfum. With fruit top notes, floral middle notes, and rich, earthy base notes, MCM’s new scent is a novel blend that works well on anyone, regardless of their gender identity. Created by Senior Perfumer Clément Gavarry of Firmenich, the Eau de Parfum plays on the MCM’s travel heritage, and even comes in a tiny bottle designed just like the brand’s beloved leather backpack. Gavarry explains that “tribes of fearless free thinkers” inspired the new MCM Eau de Parfum, motivating him to “design a sustainable blend of classic and modern elements that fuse together to create an attitude of unbridled optimism and powerful connection.”

With that in mind, MCM linked with illustrator, artist, and designer Kervin Brisseaux to create a custom artwork based on the scent. Brisseaux was formally trained as an architect, but his art offers much more than that, adding elements of pop culture, music, video games, and anime to his dynamic sketches, creating vivid pieces exploding with energy. Full of hidden gems and “Easter eggs,” Brisseaux’s work is graphic and spirited, slowly revealing secret symbols and sophisticated allusions upon repeated viewing. For this MCM Eau de Parfum-inspired work, Brisseaux created a mosaic-style drawing in which multiple smaller pieces can stand on their own, but also combine to make an exciting whole. Featuring a magical being and a sprinkling of MCM motifs throughout, Brisseaux’s mosaic takes viewers on a journey inspired by the way MCM’s Eau de Parfum reveals its scent over the course of a day. 

To learn about his work for MCM, Complex recently caught up with Brisseaux for a discussion about his life, art, process, and inspirations. Take a look, then hit up the MCM website to try its new Eau de Parfum for yourself.


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