The 2020 presidential election is arguably one of the most important elections that our country has ever faced. With the looming Covid-19 pandemic affecting everything, continuous racial injustice across the country, and countless other issues to consider, filling out your ballot and making your voice heard is a big deal this November.

Sure, all the fly memes are pretty funny. It's entertaining to see the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign poke at Trump with things like "Will you shut up, man" T-shirts and "I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump" buttons. But we cannot lose sight out all of the serious issues and implications of this upcoming election on Nov. 3.

Given the importance of the 2020 election there are plenty of designers and brands encouraging their customers and supports to make sure they fill out their ballots this year. Check out how some of your favorites are using their platform to spread awareness and increase voter turnout with these special releases below.