H&M Shares New Short Film in Support of More Climate-Friendly Industry Practices

The short, which launched Monday, will also be screened at several planetariums nationwide including the Frost Planetarium in Miami, Florida.

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In support of Climate Week NYC, which kicks off Monday (Sept. 20) and runs through Sept. 26, H&M has unveiled a new short film depicting the circular life cycle of garments.

The short film sees a team of digital artists from around the globe bringing to life the “repair, remake, reuse” slogan. Fittingly, the short is uniquely crafted to make the most visual sense when viewed in a planetarium, where viewers can be enveloped in sound while taking in the overarching comparison of the life cycle of a garment to the perplexing movements of our universe.

The new short will be seen in a number of planetariums across the country, including the Frost Planetarium in Miami

Back in 2017, H&M announced its goal of becoming climate positive by 2040. This means, in the words of the Swedish retail company, “not just reducing a negative impact but actually making a positive impact.”

Part of the company’s strategy is the integration of recommendations from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is a charity working toward the creation of a circular economy. This type of economic structure, by their definition, provides people with the necessary tools to battle climate change issues while also addressing social needs.

For more on the Climate Week NYC mission, hit the site. A full slate of official events are set to take place in the coming days, a full rundown of which you can find here.

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