Bernie Sanders Meme Merch Helps Raise $1.8 Million for Vermont Charities

The official Bernie meme merch in question has sold out on multiple occasions, all while the meme itself has continued to pop up on your timeline.




That inauguration meme of Bernie Sanders—you know the one and no one should have to remind you of what's being referenced here—has inspired the stacking up of nearly two million dollars for charity.

The meme in question, featuring mittens made by an elementary school teacher by the name of Jen Ellis, was turned into official Bernie merch earlier this month in the form of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more. The men's shirt, women's shirt, and crewneck sweatshirt were all sold out at the time of this writing. The sweatshirt is listed as benefiting (by way of 100 percent of proceeds) the Meals on Wheels organization in Vermont. The two t-shirts, meanwhile, see their proceeds going toward various charities in the state including Feeding Chittenden, Chill Foundation, and Vermont community action centers.

First off, fuck every single MFer here.

— 𝕬𝖑𝖊𝖝 💎 (@r8dr4lfe75) January 20, 2021

"Jane and I were amazed by all the creativity shown by so many people over the last week, and we're glad we can use my internet fame to help Vermonters in need," Sanders said in a statement on Wednesday, per the Associated Press. "But even this amount of money is no substitute for action by Congress, and I will be doing everything I can in Washington to make sure working people in Vermont and across the country get the relief they need in the middle of the worst crisis we've faced since the Great Depression."

As of Wednesday, the merch had helped raise an estimated $1.8 million for charity, which is an objectively awesome feat. 

Earlier this week, Sanders was among the Democrats who introduced legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2025. Sanders, of course, has been a longtime proponent of boosting the minimum wage, as well as working to improve income inequality in a variety of other ways.

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