Ovadia & Sons Spring/Summer 2016 Impressed R.Kelly


The Ovadia brothers may have weaved in and out and through all sorts of different themes within menswear, from the suited and booted years a while back to the more modernized and slimmed-down looks that are prevalent today, but no one can claim they do it inauthentically unlike, say, some other brands who will not be named. They've stayed true to how they design things, keeping a tailored silhouette a top priority and S/S 16 showcases the brand's DNA pretty well. Dusters are prevalent, floral patterns pop up much like, well, actual flowers do, blacks, blues and whites dominate the spectrum (red make a quick cameo), some hems were rare and, overall, everything feels accessible yet still very much desirable. Those long, trench-like dusters stole the show as they flowed through the air like errant whale tails. Oh, yeah, and R.J. Mitte aka motherfucking Walter White Jr. took a walk down the runway while an impressed R.Kelly, the goddamn Piped Piper of R&B, looked on just a few feet away from team Four Pins. Trust me, it was a top-to-bottom, front-to-back fantastic experience.

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