Arrests Have Been Made in the Uniqlo Sex Video Scandal

Five People Have Been Arrested in the Uniqlo Sex Tape Scandal

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It appears the fun and games are over for the couple that created and starred in the Uniqlo sex tape that went viral last week. 

According to a report from Mashable, Beijing officials arrested the couple featured in the video along with three others involved in its production. The video, which featured the male participant asking his female companion to use the hilarious line, "Call me husband," captured the internet's attention last week and even led one person to forever memorialize the event with a tattoo featuring a scene from the video. Though Uniqlo has denied any involvement in the scandal, the publicity generated from the embarrassing event probably did benefit the brand.

If for whatever reason you've yet to see the video, feel free to view it here. But be warned, the video is NSFW.

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