Roll Up With Taiwanese Brand McVing's Wool Painter's Bag

Just in time for your flight home.

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Packing for a holiday trip home usually means stuffing a bunch of shit in a suitcase and praying that it'll all fit. More often than not, you're forced to scale back on that last pair of kicks you tried zipping closed in a mesh bag, or ditch that huge TASCHEN coffee table book you bought for your dad and figure you'll ship it as a gift. 

But Taipei-based brand McVing has eased up on the space issue, with the release of its Painter's Roll Bag. The company, which first planted roots in Childshill, London, issues multi-functional pieces that can move from the office to the block with relative ease. The painter bag's no different - whether you're a venerable artist or just a simpleton, you can don this leather-and-dark-wool guy as a shoulder bag, portfolio or tucked burrito-style in the corner of your suitcase. 

The Painter's Roll Bag goes for about $166 (4,980 NT). Cop here.

Now pack whatever else you'd like and get on your flight home. Happy holidays, people.

[via McVing]

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