Gift Guide: Tech Items That Work for Anyone on Your Holiday List

Shop These Nine Tech Items That Will Work for Anyone on Your Holiday List -- These Are the Nine Best Tech Gifts to Give for the Holidays 2022

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Header Image Gifts for All Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that couple who is constantly borrowing each other’s stuff. They will steal their partner’s headphones without hesitation, and those brave enough will grab their razor without telling them or realizing it… oops. Couples get comfortable together eventually, and soon everything becomes communal, it’s a sign of love and trust in a relationship. 

So this holiday season Complex has planned ahead for the inevitable lending amongst couples. No matter who you’re shopping for, what their gender identity is, or who they date, this gift guide’s got you covered. From Paco Rabanne’s Phantom fragrance that can work for any gender to a health ring to a smart water bottle, these are nine gift ideas that work for everyone and their partners too. With the holidays right around the corner, you’re right where you need to be for that next killer gift idea for that special friend and, inevitably, their partner too. 

Paco Rabanne Men’s Phantom Refillable Eau de Toilette Spray

Paco Rabanne Phantom Fragrance Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for All

PRICE: $129
If that special someone loves the feeling of leaving their partner’s apartment smelling like them, then look no further. Paco Rabanne’s Phantom Refillable Eau de Toilette Spray is a fragrance that’s versatile enough to be shared with one’s partners. It offers a clean, contemporary scent, with top notes of energizing lemon, middle notes of creamy lavender, and bottom notes of woody vanilla. Tap a smartphone to the bottle to unlock some hidden tech features like NFTs and camera filters as well. Whether someone wants to leave their love’s apartment with hints of their partner in the air or would like to sport their signature fragrance full on, this is the perfect way to do it.

Lomi Composter

Holiday Gift Guide Lomi Composter Holiday Gifts For All

PRICE: $451
As we come to the close of 2022, it is important to be mindful of our environmental impact. Regardless of what you believe, we can always cut down on waste. Food waste is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gasses in landfills, and Lomi can turn food waste into soil in as little as four hours. Why not give a gift that anyone in the house can use, and you’ll be helping to cut a friend and their partners carbon footprint down. It creates no smell or mess and doesn’t attract pests like old-fashioned composting does. With a simple, elegant design, put it on any kitchen counter, and feel free to fill it up throughout the day. This is the gift that keeps on giving, and if their partner has a green thumb they can have the soil!

Oura Ring Gen3

Oura Ring Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for All

Help that couple you love the most keep track of each other’s health with this stylish health-tracking ring. It has a sleek, versatile color palette and design. It can record everything from stress levels to sleep patterns to heart rate data, and much more. It’s battery can last seven days on a single charge, and only takes 20-80 minutes to fully charge, so they won’t have to worry about it dying on them while they’re out. This ring was designed to track their health and look good, and it nails those things with flying colors. Get the ring custom fit to match that special person’s finger, and help them keep better track of their health at all times.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 Showerproof Body Groomer

Norelco Gift Guide Holiday Gifts for All

This double-sided body trimmer is great for that too-close-for-comfort couple that shares everything. The showerproof trimmer has a four-directional shaver and an adjustable-length trimmer. It can shave for up to 80 minutes after an hour of charging and is flexible enough to adapt to individual contours without nicking the skin. A multi-faceted tool that is perfect for shaving above and below the belt without being worried about cuts and scrapes. It has a simple, ergonomic design that lets you know it means business. We won’t ask, but we know someone will have the gusto to share it with their partner, so give more power to them with this awesome razor.

Hidrate Spark Pro

Hidrate Spark Pro Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for All

Drinking enough water is a challenge everyone faces, and you’ve probably heard about that friend’s partner who never seems to drink any water. It’s easy to forget about while out in daily life. Give someone this bottle to help them solve that problem. It glows when it’s time to take a sip, and reminds them throughout the day how close they are to their goal through the connected smartphone app and LED lights in the bottle. It even includes fun challenges to compete with friends because we all need that extra bit of incentive to stay hydrated. Eventually, that special couple will be back on track, and they will have their H2O fix satiated with this stylish yet functional bottle.

VanMoof S3 E-Bike

VanMoof Holiday Gift Guide Holiday Gifts for All

The bike has been an essential form of transportation since the 1800s, but VanMoof has finally created the perfect electric bike, and it has a sleek design with sexy flat black paint. This e-bike is connected to a mobile app that alerts the owner to theft and tampering, locks itself down, and can be tracked from the app for quick recovery if stolen. The motor reaches speeds of 20 mph, and its hydraulic brakes give precision stopping power in any weather. With four gear speeds and the powerful electric motor, this bike provides an easy, comfortable ride. Give the gift of convenience to a friend and their partner when they inevitably need to use it to get home from work.

AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for All

PRICE: $549
The AirPods Max are an over the ear reimagination of the classic AirPods. You can give someone the gift of transparent audio quality and a stylish accessory too! These headphones are noise canceling, and the noise canceling can easily be switched off to allow for better awareness of the listeners surroundings. Get ready to get into the weeds with the tech packed into these. They also have spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, so when the user turns their head, the music adjusts where it’s coming from in relation to which way they are looking. These headphones are one-size-fits-all and will work for everyone. 

Sonos Move

Sonos Move Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for All

Who doesn’t need a good speaker? Especially one someone’s partner can borrow without being worried about breaking it. Sonos has created a timeless piece of technology, and this speaker is drop and water resistant, so it will survive the elements wherever it’s taken. With a thundering bottom end and crisp highs it can set the mood for any occasion. With a sleek design, it can look tasteful in the home, and compact on the go. This speaker can be connected to a smartphone through wifi when in range and bluetooth when out, and even has an app to personalize settings and connect music streaming services. Its battery can last for up to 11 hours of continuous playback, so it’s ready for any outing or day trip. Let that close friend set the mood for their special someone over dinner or while camping in the woods, and you’ll get to jam out to it when they invite you over for dinner!

Tile Tidepool Tapestry Combo Pack

Tile Holiday Gift Guide Holiday Gifts for All

PRICE: $77
The idea of trackers have been in the movies for years, but until recently, who really had one? Tile is changing the game, and now your friend and their partner can stuff a Tile tracker just about anywhere to keep track of their things. From theft to loss, this piece of equipment is useful for anyone. The Tiles have a three year non-replaceable battery, and the entire device is water resistant. The Tiles in this bundle have a 250 ft range, and have a loud ring for easy discovery! It’s compatible with Android and Apple devices through Tile’s mobile app for tracking, and the different shapes are designed to fit in a wallet or anywhere else you can think of. When something goes missing users can alert the community, and others will keep an eye out for the device and report it when found. When something goes missing users can alert the community, and others will keep an eye out for the device and report it when found. This piece is essential to anyone’s daily belongings, and your friend and their partner will be thanking you every time they leave their wallet at a restaurant or keys at the office.

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