Someone Wants $10,000 for a Vintage Apple Varsity Jacket After Drake Wore One at WWDC

Apple varsity jackets are becoming a reseller's best friend.

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Yesterday, amidst all the major announcements and Tidal death chants, the biggest news out of WWDC 2015 has to be Drake's throwback Apple varsity jacket. While Drizzy was there to discuss the new Apple Music streaming service, the internet was naturally ablaze trying to figure out where he scored his jacket, which—according to famed vintage shop owner Brian Procell—is easily from the late '80s or early '90s.



While Drake's latest trip to NYC saw him make a pit stop at Procell's vintage shop in the Bowery, the jacket looks awfully similar to a letterman jacket offered up by an eBay reseller named Jake. Surprisingly for a piece this rare, Jake actually has two copies of the vintage Apple Computers letterman jacket, and he's opening up his second copy for sale to the public. Trouble is, if you're interested in calling dibs on this second Apple jacket, you'll be out $9,999 to "Buy It Now." Clearly, Drake's very visible cosign of the jacket switched up the pricing model, as the one Drake supposedly copped went for $825.

We reached out once again to Jake, who told us via email why he set the starting price so high:

"I've started the auction at $3,999 because of the offers I have already received. Drake gave these jackets the spot light they deserve." He continued, "For the last two years I have been searching the Internet and eBay for similar jackets and have NEVER come across the same design. Other letterman types have white logos. But come on, you gotta go for the O.G."

As Jake told Complex yesterday, his second jacket is "even more minty" than the first one he sold. If you're interested in bidding for the jacket on eBay, bids start at $3,999. Otherwise, you'll be dropping nearly 10 grand (roughly the price of 10 stainless steel Apple Watches) to score the jacket outright.

Check the listing here.

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