Museums Are Banning Selfie Sticks

Museums are banning selfie sticks, claiming they are safety hazards.

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Some of the most visited museums in the country are taking aim at selfie sticks and banning them from use inside their galleries.

New York City's Museum of Modern ArtCooper-Hewitt Design Museum, and Brooklyn Museum, as well as the Getty Center in Los Angeles​ have all unpermitted the use of selfie sticks. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is considering doing the same. 

Museums say the ban is for the safety of its customers and artwork. "I am pro-selfie, just not pro-selfie stick. I'm worried about visitor safety and protecting our art," chief digital officer at the Met museum Sree Sreenivasan told MashableOthers places, like the MoMA, say that selfie sticks, and similar gadgets, have always been unallowed: "We have never permitted visitors to take photos with camera-extension devices," said a spokeswoman from the museum.

Museums are already prone to accidents. Remember when these people destroyed precious art when they were drunk? So, there's no reason to add an extra element of danger, like people waving around long sticks in the midst of priceless artwork just so they can throw a selfie up on the 'Gram. Someone's going to have to break the news to recent selfie stick adopter Kendall Jenner, though. 

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