2 Chainz Tries on An Insanely Expensive $25,000 Hat

2 Chainz tries on the world's most expensive hat and learns the finer points of hat making in this video.

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In 2 Chainz's latest installment of "Most Expensive Shit," an ongoing video series with GQ in which the rapper sets out to find the world's most luxurious goods, he makes his way to a hat shop called Worth & Worth to learn about what goes into making the headgear, and to try on an insanely expensive $25,000 panama hat. 

2 Chainz, who is draped in gold accessories, first asks how shop owner Orlando Palacios got into hat making, and Palacios gives the age-old answer, "I fell in love with a girl. She looked great in hats, and I wanted to adorn her." And even though Palacios lost the girl, he says he "gained a trade." Palacios puts his craft to use by measuring 2 Chainz's head for his own custom-made hat, and the rapper admits "he's done some crazy things himself" for women. Palacios then takes him through the process of making one of the hats, and gives him a tour of the studio, which happens to be home to hat models Palacio's made for Steve Buscemi, who wears the hat while filming the show Boardwalk Empire, and the King of Tonga. 

Finally, the two make their way out to the showroom where 2 Chainz tries on a hat that took an entire year to make. While 2 Chainz admires himself in the hat, Palacios waxes poetic, "When you get to heaven, and there's St. Peter, they say, he does two things: He hands you the key to the gate, and he hands you a panama hat." 

Watch the entire video above. 

 [via GQ]

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