Rihanna Goes Blonde and Topless on the New Cover of 'V' Magazine

Rihanna barely looks like herself on the Summer 2015 cover of 'V' Magazine.

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We've seen Rihanna adopt some pretty interesting looks in the past, but this new cover of magazine shot by Steven Klein is the most unexpected of them all. RiRi dons a blonde wig and pale blue eye shadow with matching bikini bottoms as she stands against what appears to be a gold staircase out of a pool. The image is processed to make her look extra bronzed, and the "V" logo draws the eye down from her gun side tattoo to her ass, which is front and center on the cover of the 2015 Summer issue.

Though always beautiful, Rihanna looks nothing like herself and everything like Lil' Kim circa the early 2000s, when she was all about light wigs, blue eyes, and pasties.








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