7-Year-Old Artist Yung Lenox Offers Prints of His Amazing Hip-Hop Drawings

Still drawing circles around the other grade schoolers.

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Yung Lenox may be the dopest seven-year-old artist on the planet. We think most kids his age draw puppies, houses, and cows (we don't actually know many seven year olds), but Yung Lenox is more of a Gucci Mane and 2 Live Crew type of guy. We posted a few images of his artwork in the past along with a video of him creating a masterpiece, but the prodigy has since collaborated with Coke Magic on T-shirts, and he has updated his site to include pictures of himself with his artwork. Some of the drawings are available as limited-edition screenprints, and it would be wise to grab them now because Yung Lenox's fame will only continue to grow.

Check out more of his art and photos on his Instagram.

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[via YungLenox]

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