Hunt & Co take the spotlight from the big name brands of the jewelry industry for the launch of their first short film accompany a new collection. 

The brainchild of 21-year-old Harry Hunt, Hunt & Co has been showcasing a keen eye for detail and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship. Having dropped out of school at 15, Harry has been using his passion to shift the peoples perspective of the jewelry industry as a so-called members-only club, highlighting that it is, in fact, an industry that anyone willing to put the time into, can access. After getting a foot in despite having no qualifications, Harry managed to hone his skills through courses and working in a workshop. Fast forward to now and he's been running his own independent brand for two years. 

For the new collection, Hunt has presented as a seamless blend of then and now, titled 'Generation' inspiration has been taken from old Dupont lighters from the 50s. Using this as a foundation for the aesthetic that extends across the full delivery, Hunt & Co have achieved a modern interpretation of vintage feeling product, offering a sense of nostalgia while fitting perfectly within the current market. Each of the new products on offer takes a timeless approach to design, elegant in appearance and functionally suited for everyday use. From dog tags to signet rings and cuffs, Generation has all the bases covered to update your rotation.  

Head to the top of the page to watch the short film produced to showcase the collection, and scroll down for a closer look at what is on offer. To stay up to date with Hunt & Co, head over to their Instagram, and shop the latest products on offer now via their website

All Images via Hunt & Co