Hip-hop culture is often ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and style. That’s why it makes perfect sense that Maxwell Amadeus and Adam Thomison—the brains behind streetwear brand Control Sector—would tap some of the biggest names in entertainment for their new expansion line, By Order Of.

The duo’s first celebrity collaborator is Fetty Wap, who has been a fan of Control Sector since he first heard of the brand two years ago. The opportunity to partner with Amadeus and Thomison for By Order Of Fetty Wap is a dream come true for the rapper. “To work with By Order Of it was like to have another part of the family,” he says. “It wasn’t going to be we business partners and that’s that.”

Providing Fetty with direct input on his collection, Amadeus and Thomison are excited about giving other tastemakers with a shared admiration for streetwear the same opportunity. “We plan for this brand to be a collaborative brand,” explains Amadeus. “We want to partner up with different rappers, musicians… other talented people that just want to get their mark on clothing.”

The By Order of Fetty Wap collection launches this month and will be available nationwide at Foot Action stores as well as on FootAction.com. Check out an exclusive Complex Hustle interview with Fetty and the Control Sector founders above.