Existing in a unique space between hyperrealism and street art, Conor Harrington's large-scale paintings are always complex and thematically interesting, bringing together portraiture and dynamic scenes with dripping and blurred elements. For his New York solo debut, Harrington will open "Eat and Delete" on Sept. 27 at a pop-up gallery on Mulberry Street, presented by the folks at Lazarides.

Lazarides writes that Harrington "leads the viewer through a theatrical journey from beauty and opulence towards violence and destruction," while the press release for the show explains that the exhibition "continues the artist’s investigation of a period when European superpowers were at their most powerful and exposes the hypocrisy of empire, status and wealth accrued through less than wholesome means​." In addition to the paintings, Harrington will present four film projects made in collaboration with Andrew Telling​.

But what's a New York gallery debut without some love shown to the streets? Harrington will be painting a "multitude of ambitious murals" during his time in the city. To get an idea of what to expect, check out the piece he recently completed in Little Italy for the L.I.S.A Project NYC.

Image via Street Art News
Image via Street Art News