Lounging around with nothing to do is eventually going to happen with the hot, lazy summer days ahead. Staying as comfy as possible is crucial, and clothes with relaxed cuts are your best options. With that said, U.S. Alteration’s latest cozy selections include classic varsity and western inspired pieces that will help you go full on Big Lebowski, or Fresh Prince, depending on which items you choose.

If you’re choosing to go the latter, check out the mid-calf long sleeve varsity cardigan. The length drops down to the knee, and when left unbuttoned it will look like a toasty robe.  However, if you want to look fly like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air without wearing bold patterns, jump on the fringed sweats and start doing the Apache dance. Tonal hoodies, crewnecks, and sweatpants are also included if those first two choices are a bit experimental for you. Check out these unisex items now on the U.S. Alteration website.