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Let's be honest. There's nothing like a good-looking, quality backpack. Rooted in true American craftsmanship, Mifland Leather Goods uses premium leathers that are hand chosen, sourced domestically, and treated in New York City and Atlanta. There are currently three different bag in its catalogue, and any of them would be a good investment.

The first is the "Deluxe Rucksack" that comes in black and luggage brown. It's constructed with the dopest, sturdiest, Austin Drum-dyed leather that's guaranteed to last a lifetime and age well overtime. The "Tri-Tone Deluxe Rucksack" features color blocking at its best in combinations of cocoa, luggage brown and black, made with the same Austin Drum-dyed leather and brass hardware. The third, and sickest concept of them all, the "Standard Rucksack" comes in various two-tone colorways that feature a vegetable leather dyed bottom and a natural upper exterior. Because of its natural vegetable leather finish, the "Standard Rucksack" will adapt to weather exposures and begin to transform to the conditions you expose it to.

The bags are pricey, starting at $415, but quality doesn't come cheap; consider it an investment. Pick one up now right here.