In the latest face-palm worthy news, someone's father-in-law may have cost them a lot of money by painting over not one, but two Banksy stencil pieces outside. The pieces covered were one of Banksy's Bomb Hugger stencils and one of a rat (Telegraph doesn't specify), however, the owner of the building told The Age that the pieces and others like them had already been defaced by graffiti artists as early as 2007 when the city was attempting to crackdown on street art: "The tougher laws meant that the stencil scene and more complex work all but disappeared in Fitzroy, allowing the taggers to take over all the key walls, slowly destroying much of what had been created in the late '90s until then."

Seeing Banksy pieces accidentally destroyed is not a good, but would you prefer the alternative of seeing them taken from the street and sold at auction? Pretty much a lose lose situation if cities like Melbourne continue to fail at preserving the art as it stands.

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[via Telegraph]

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