Banksy's art has been taken and sold for a while now, but it doesn't usually affect the lives of others. When he painted "This Looks a Bit Like An Elephant" on a tanker in the middle of the desert (with the squatter's permission), he could not have predicted that art collectors would snatch it up and evict Tachowa Covington. Being the kind soul that he is, Banksy gave Covington enough money to get a place and pay rent for a year.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Covington has blown through the money and is homeless again, camping out on the same hill where the tanker once stood. According to DailyMail, filmmakers from Texas are in the process of turning his story into a documentary and there is a play inspired by the events entitled Banksy: The Room in the Elephant, beginning this week at Pleasance Theatre Islington in London. So this is kind of a happy ending, right?

[via DailyMail]

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