Besides feeling like shit that is scraped off the floor of a fast-food kitchen, here's another reason you shouldn't cheat on your girlfriend: A man's girlfriend forced him to go on a demeaning and cross-dressing scavenger hunt to pay for his infidelity, and then posted the proof all over the Internet. Instead of just airing the guy out in the form of a lengthy rant, the girlfriend wanted to get even—sort of.

The punishment resulted in the man having to try on Spanx at a store, and then take a picture and send it to her. That's right, the extra-tight and shape-forming spandex that girls wear to flatter their figure.

But that wasn't the only embarrassing task the guy had to endure. The unfaithful boyfriend also had to buy two pairs of pantyhose and put them on, order a soy latte from Starbucks, apply lip gloss, and even try on a pair of four-inch heels—all while he modeled them for the sales associate to take photographic evidence.

Pretty humiliating right? That's not all. It wasn't merely enough for the boyfriend to just claim he did these things, he also had to get someone to sign off on the sheet to make sure it happened. Now, we're not not positive if this really occurred or if it was just a comedic hoax, but if it did, we can only imagine the store employees' reactions. How awesome horrible would it be if the pictures found their way to the Internets, too? If this didn't make him reconsider his actions, we don't know what would.

[via Daily Mail]