Photographer Mark Rigney kills it over at The site is one of the best sources for coverage of happenings in London, and beyond, so naturally the images taken by Rigney are representative of trends in street art. Set to classical music, this video highlights Rigney's finest work over the past year.

Artists featured includes: Stinkfish, Pez & Dibo, Shepard Fairey, Agents Of Change { Remi/Rough, Steve More, LX.One and Augustine Kofie}, Rone, Broken Fingaz Crew, Dale Grimshaw, Aida, Mr. Phomer & Unga, Otto Schade, Vermibus, Banksy, Mobstr, Malarky & Lucas & Bromley, Stinkfish, Drab, Numskull,  Banksy, Mr. Penfold & Numskull, Mysterious Al, Cost, Cranio, Masai, Run, Dscreet, Aida & Shubby, Bortusk Leer, Shok-1, Milo Tchais & Chivitz, Malarky & Lucas, Pablo Delgado, Anthony Lister, Hush, mjar, Kan, Hunto, Cranio, Remi Rough & Shok-1, Vhils, Ron English, and Anthony Lister.