Every time I want to poke fun at the quasi-English names of Japanese clothing brands I remember the terrible kanji tattoo I got on my shoulder in 1999. Haha, just kidding! It's on my calf. For real, though, I have no tattoos—was never cool enough. So I'm free to wonder what the folks behind Blurhms were thinking when they decided on those six consonants and one vowel. If I were a high school sophomore taking an AP world history exam and got cornered into writing about World War II, even though the class never made it past the Boxer Rebellion, I would write a succinct, 100% bullshit essay on the Battle of Blurhms, a small forest on the Franco-German border. Then I would pray the grader wouldn't know that Blurhms is really a young brand (founded 2012) making cozy boy and cozy girl basics, primarily in Japan, with the marled textures and subtle folk detailing that complement a tattoo-free life spent reading deeply, browsing estate sales and caring for succulents.

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