The 50 Greatest BMX Logos

Words by Taj Mihelich

A former world champion, Taj Mihelich spent 16 years as a pro BMX rider. He has helped design numerous BMX products and is co-founder of Terrible One. After a major back injury in 2009, Taj became a member of Odyssey BMX's design studio (OTX) and also runs the bicycle brand Fairdale.

I have to admit, the first thing I thought when I heard about this article was "top 50 BMX logos? Are there even 50 at all?"

It might be from years of getting concussions riding ramps that I had forgotten a lot of great logos, or that all my years in the BMX industry have jaded me, but I really thought I was going to have a hard time finding 50 BMX logos worth mentioning. I was pleasantly surprised when I started digging around, though.

For one thing BMX is a gold mine of '80s awesomeness. Some of it is so cheesy and hilarious but I love it. Also, with almost 40 years of history there is a lot to choose from. Way more than I even knew about. I steered away from most "modern" logos… I think we'll let those logos prove themselves over time. There are also a lot of gray area logos I couldn't figure out what to do with. Companies that have been heavily involved with BMX but maybe weren't specific BMX companies… like Moto-Fox, Vision Street Wear, Life's a Beach, Etnies… they probably shouldn't be in here.

Also, keep in mind this list is hardly an exhaustive search of the history of BMX.

Take it for what it is… one ex-pro's poor-memory list of some of the best BMX logos of all time!

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