Shaquille O’Neal proves time and again that he is a man of the people, this time by making dinner on him for an entire restaurant of people.

Shaq was reportedly on a date at Jue Lan Club in New York City, when he decided to not only tip his waiters generously, but to also cover the tab for the entire restaurant. A source who was at the restaurant told Page Six that the bill came out to well over $25,000 for all 40 tables that were filled that night. The source also said that Shaq wanted to keep the good deed under wraps until he left. 

Per the outlet’s source, Shaq left the restaurant staff “the biggest tip they’ve ever received” before disappearing into the night after eating Beijing chicken, shrimp tempura and chicken satay.

Just in case you were curious, Shaq’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. And when he’s not helping a bunch of strangers have a great night out, Shaq spends his time opining about the current state of the NBA. 

For example, he recently told Complex why teams in today’s league need more than one star to win a championship. 

“No star can win without the other guy. How many would Magic have won without Kareem? How many would Kenny have without Hakeem? I was just in my moment where, sometimes on Twitter people just get to talking and think they can say anything,” he said. “But conversations like that don’t matter. Saying ‘he wouldn’t have won without Kobe,’ I know that. And guess what? I wouldn’t have won without Rick Fox, and Brian Shaw and Big Shot Bob. I wouldn’t have won without my team, but I was the head of the snake and that’s all that mattered.”