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The NFL Draft hasn’t happened yet and we don’t know the schedule yet, but today is a great day because the win totals for the 2021 season are officially out. Basically, these are a win total mark set by the oddsmakers in Vegas and you either bet on if a team will win more or less games than the number. For instance, the Chiefs win total is set at 12. So you’d either bet on if the Chiefs will win more or less than 12 games.

As we said up top, this is before the draft and months before the season, so a lot could change here, but we’re going to have some fun and share super early predictions on the over/unders for every NFL team’s win total that came out today. Some of these might look crazy come November, but we’re ready to go out on a limb here. Also, remember that there are 17 games this year, so the numbers will look a little higher than we’re all used to. Let’s get to it. 

Win totals are out @WilliamHillUS

12 - KC
11.5 -TB
11 - Balt, GB
10.5 -Buff, Rams
10 - Cle, Indy, SF, Sea
9.5 -Dal, NO, Ten
9 - LAC, MIA, NE, Pitt
8.5 -Min
8 - Ari, LV, WFT
7.5 - Car, Chi, Den
7 - Atl, NYG, Philly
6.5 -Cin
6 - Jax, NYJ
5 -Det, Hou

— David Bearman ESPN (@DBearmanESPN) April 16, 2021