Things are not going great for the Washington Wizards right now. They currently own the worst record in the NBA and the Russell Westbrook fit doesn't seem to be working. With James Harden now traded, the eyes of the NBA world have now turned to Bradley Beal as the next NBA superstar who could be on the move.

Beal trade rumros aren't anything new, but he's now the focus of the entire league with the way this Wizards season is going. Will he ask for a trade? Would the Wizards move on from their franchise superstar? Who knows at this point, but if we know anything about the modern NBA, we know that these rumors aren't going to just go away.

So what's the market for Beal? Well, he's a star in the NBA, so you know it's going to be robust. We're talking multiple first round picks and more. That's the way it works. With the Beal trade rumors flying around, we decided to pick out five NBA teams that should make a serious run at the Wizards star.