The Best Coaches in Sports Right Now, Ranked

From legends like Dawn Staley, Andy Reid, and Geno Auriemma to the new names like Dan Hurley and Becky Hammon, here are the best coaches in sports right now.

Two people at a sports event, one gesturing excitedly. They are on the sidelines with a crowd in the background
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Bill Belichick. Mike Krzyzewski. Gregg Popovich. 

The era of these legendary coaches dominating their respective sports consistently is slowly coming to an end. With Coach K retired, Belichick without a home, and Pop in a rebuild situation, there is a new generation of leaders taking the throne as the best coaches in sports. 

Just this past week, we've seen Dawn Staley capture her second title in three years in women's college basketball with Dan Hurley leading UConn to its second title is as many years on the men's side to become the first team to win back-to-back chips since 2007. Becky Hammon was one of three coaches on the list to go back-to-back in their sports joining Hurley and Andy Reid but she accomplished it in her first two seasons as a head coach. 

There are still legendary coaches like Bill Self and Geno Auriemma who have had sustained success for over 20 years despite a new era of names are still being ushered in. 

The Complex Sports team put together a ranking of the 15 best coaches in sports right now. While the list factors in their historic impact, it will be judged off recent success and impact in their sport.

NOTE: The list will NOT include coaches in soccer (international and United States), hockey, or non-major American sports. 

Two people at a sports event, one gesturing excitedly. They are on the sidelines with a crowd in the background

Honorable Mention

Coach standing on a sports field with hands on hips, wearing team logo sportswear

15. Mike Tomlin - Pittsburgh Steelers

A focused coach wearing a cap and raincoat at a sports event

14. Dave Roberts - Los Angeles Dodgers

Coach in Dodgers uniform standing on the field

13. Michael Malone - Denver Nuggets

Man holding up a ring in front of a "Champions Denver Nuggets" sign, with bokeh lights in the background

12. Becky Hammon - Las Vegas Aces

Excited fans and team members celebrating with a championship trophy at a sporting event

11. Jim Harbaugh - Los Angeles Chargers

Person at podium with LA Chargers logos, gesturing mid-speech at SoFi Stadium event

10. Kyle Shanahan - San Francisco 49ers

Coaching staff walking on football field; focus on man in white shirt with team logo, wearing headset and cap

9. Bill Self - Kansas Men's Basketball

Coach standing courtside with arms crossed during a basketball game

8. Sean McVay - Los Angeles Rams

Coach in headset holds play sheet, focused during a sporting event

7. Steve Kerr - Golden State Warriors

Coach on basketball court sidelines, focused during a game

6. Erik Spoelstra - Miami Heat

Coach standing courtside with hands on hips during a basketball game

5. Geno Auriemma - UConn Women's Basketball

Coach shouting instructions from the sidelines during a basketball game

4. Kirby Smart - Georgia Football

Coach on football field holding play cards with players in background

3. Dan Hurley - UConn Men's Basketball

Coach cutting down the net, wearing a baseball cap and team shirt

2. Andy Reid - Kansas City Chiefs

Coach celebrates with trophy alongside two men at a sports event

1. Dawn Staley - South Carolina Women's Basketball

Individual holding NCAA basketball championship trophy in front of locker with basketballs

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