Odell Beckham Jr. Talks Free Agency Options & MOON Partnership

We caught up with free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to talk about his partnership with MOON Oral Care and his possible next destination options.

Free agent Odell Beckham using his MOON toothbrush.

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Free agent Odell Beckham using his MOON toothbrush.

All eyes are on Odell Beckham Jr, and truth be told, when are they not on Odell? Since entering the league in 2014, Odell has transcended fame when it comes to NFL players, easily catapulting himself into being one of the most famous faces this league has ever seen. OBJ is bolstering the highest social following of any NFL player including higher than Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes.

Despite the previous All-Pro nods, Pro Bowls, and captivating highlights, 2022 has been the most transformative year for Beckham – quite fortuitous as he enters a new decade of life. His transition to the Los Angeles Rams, after a tumultuous tenure with the Cleveland Browns, showcased once again that generational talent everyone witnessed in New York. Putting up nearly 150 yards receiving in the NFC title game and then coming out the gates of Super Bowl LVI at a blistering pace – with 2 catches for 52 yards and a touchdown in a little over 15 minutes of game action.

Then, the injury happened – a torn ACL derailed what could’ve been a surefire Super Bowl MVP addition to the resume, but instead, signified another lengthy rehab on the eve of free agency. An extreme high and then abrupt low for one of the league’s surefire talents. But that transformative year for Beckham didn’t stop there; just four days later, he welcomed his firstborn child to the world in Zydn. 

Just days before his 30th birthday, Pierce Simpson of Complex sat down with Odell Beckham Jr to explore what is on the horizon for the Super Bowl champion; some of which includes business ventures, one being his partnership with toothbrush brand, MOON. 

“I’ve always been about hygiene,” Beckham Jr. tells Complex. “I’ve always enjoyed having fresh, clean teeth, and this [partnership] came about very organically.”

In 2021, Odell spent $1.8 million dollars on his grill in a procedure that include 13-carat diamonds on multiple teeth. MOON’s new platinum electric toothbrush is Beckham’s first signature item with the brand and was designed to complement his smile.

Free agent Odell Beckham using his MOON toothbrush.

To see more of the conversation, check out the video below. 

Odell speaks about his partnership with @MoonOralCare pic.twitter.com/cW8DcTaw56

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) November 14, 2022


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