Gold Medalist Red Gerard Tells Us the Worst Part About Life in the Olympic Village

We caught up with teen snowboarder Red Gerard to discuss what life in Pyeongchang was really like—including the worst part of life in the Olympics Village—and what’s next after his medal winning performance.

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USA's gold medallist Redmond Gerard poses on the podium during the medal ceremony for the snowboard Men's Slopestyle at the Pyeongchang Medals Plaza during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang on February 11, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / JAVIER SORIANO (Photo credit should read JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images)

red gerard 2018 winter olympics getty

Unless you’re an avid snowboarding fan, you had likely never heard of 17-year-old Red Gerard prior to the 2018 Winter Olympics. That all changed when the Colorado native took home Team USA’s first gold medal for men’s snowboard slopestyle.

As much fun as it’s been to be in the national news, Gerard is ready to get back to his life as a teenager, and most importantly, back on his snowboard. But before then, we caught up with him to discuss what life in Pyeongchang was really like—including the worst part of life in the Olympics Village—and what’s next after his Ice Breakers "Unicorn Moment."

What was the coolest part about being in Pyeongchang, other than winning gold?
I don’t know actually. Probably just snowboarding to be honest. It was really fun snowboarding on a real mountain and hitting a real course.

What were the best and worst parts about living in the Olympic Village?
The best part about it was that everyone was there, all of the athletes which was really cool. The worst part about it was the food. The food wasn’t really that good there.

You’ve already had your unicorn moment at the Olympics and you’re only 17. What’s next?
Hopefully I can get back on a snowboard here soon. I’m really looking forward to actually snowboarding.

When you aren’t training what do you like to do?
I like to hang out with my friends a lot. I golf a little bit but mostly just kind of have fun.

What music do you listen to before you hit the slopes?
I actually don’t listen to music when I snowboard. I’m too claustrophobic, just worrying about myself trying to make it down the run.

What kind of music do you like when you aren’t snowboarding, then?
A little bit of rap, definitely and just some weird local bands.

What rappers are your go-to’s?
Migos, Rich The Kid.

We all heard the story of you watching Netflix at the Olympics before your gold medal run. What do you like to binge-watch?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is pretty good, I really like The Office and That 70s Show.

Speaking of Netflix, you posted a picture on your Instagram with Gaten from Stranger Things.
I actually haven’t gotten to watch that one yet, that’s on my list of things to watch.

What are you most looking forward to doing when the media tour is over and it all dies down?
Snowboarding. I’ve never missed it so much as I do right now.

I heard you might be throwing out the first pitch at an MLB game soon?
Yeah I’m throwing out the first pitch at the Indians game. I’m really looking forward to that. Hopefully I’ll get to throw the ball a little [beforehand] to make sure I’m ready.

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