Evan Turner Tried Using Brad Stevens' Son Last Night to Improve His Situation With the Celtics

Evan Turner tried to get the help of Brad Stevens' son to get his father to stop yelling at him and put in a good word for general manager Danny Ainge.

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Following the Boston Celtics' 96-92 win over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden last night, Brad Stevens' son Brady may or may not have had a pretty hilarious back-and-forth conversation with Evan Turner. According to Turner, this is how it all went down. 



For now, we're going to let that vague "top 25 in statistics" comment slide, but here's the thing, when MassLive.com's Jay King pointed out in his article that Turner has tendency of making up stories to help the media keep their jobs.

Here's one example from King: 

For example, after he gathered the triple-double in Brooklyn, he said he did not know about the approaching statistical feat until a fan alerted him. Turner's account went like this: "I heard a guy in the crowd -- me and Tyler (Zeller) were talking -- and he said, 'Zeller, give Evan one more rebound. Don't touch the (expletive) ball.'"

Approached later, Zeller laughed and said he had no knowledge of the incident. If Turner embellished the story a little, it might follow a pattern.

There is a possibility that some (or maybe all) of those remarks made by both Brady and Evan were never said. But for now, we just have to believe that this funny exchange actually happened. If anything, Turner would just like it that way. 

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