Andy Murray Violates Bro Code, Announces Davis Cup Teammate Has a Side Chick During Interview

Andy Murray just ruined a relationship

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Andy Murray and his Great Britain teammates were in Glasgow today for the Davis Cup, and after Murray secured a victory against American John Isner, he and his buddies got together for a television interview to discuss how'd they be celebrating this evening. Murray then totally blew up Dominic Inglot's spot.

When a EuroSport reporter insinuated that maybe a round of pints should be on Murray, Murray decided it would be a perfect time to let the world know that Inglot, who has a lady in his life, also has a side piece stashed away in Glasgow. 

"Dom's got a little girlfriend on the go here in Glasgow, so he'll maybe celebrate with her this evening," Murray says, and the dude to the right of Inglot absolutely loses his shit. 

Inglot's face is a mixture of "Ok, I'm going to play this off, don't even sweat it pimpin'" and "oh my god my girlfriend said she was going to be watching today what will her parents think and who's going to get the dog?!"

The reporter presses on, asking Murray to spill on the name of said side piece. Murray deflects to Inglot who, in the midst of his embarrassment, admits he has a girlfriend that could be watching this while also realizing he probably no longer has a girlfriend anymore. Now it's Murray's turn to lose it. 

The interview finally ends, and Murray saunters over to Inglot to give him a hug. But not even the tightest embrace can repair a fractured relationship. Not cool, Murray. Not cool at all. I HOPE SHE WAS WORTH IT INGLOT. 

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