An NFL Player Posted the Results of An HIV Test That He Took On Twitter

Too much information, dude.

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Before we start this post, let us just say that getting yourself tested for HIV, AIDS, and every other sexually transmitted disease out there is an important thing. If you haven't been tested lately, do yourself—and everyone you sleep with—a favor and get tested. You're crazy if you don't.

Now that that's out of the way, here's what you shouldn't do when you get tested for STDs. You shouldn't post the results on Twitter. It sort of seems like that should go without saying, right? And yet, Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Clowney did exactly that yesterday when he sent out a tweet that included a photo of the paperwork he received recently after taking an HIV test (check out the thumbs above to see it). It indicated that he tested negative for the disease.

"Got My HIV Results Back!!" he tweeted. "Thank God for keeping my body healthy and safe."

Kudos on getting tested, David. But, ummm…TMI. There are some things that you don't really need to broadcast to everyone. And, this is most definitely one of them.

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