MLS Is Back With New Kits: Here Are Our Favorites

MLS is Back on February 25, fulfilling the needs of soccer fans across the country who may have been feeling empty since the end of the World Cup last year.

MLS 3D Billboard in Times Square
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MLS 3D Billboard in Times Square

MLS is Back tomorrow, Saturday, February 25, fulfilling the needs of soccer fans across the country who may have been feeling empty since the end of last year’s World Cup.  And if you’ve missed the giant 3D billboard in Times Square announcing the league’s return, allow us to fill you in: Your favorite teams are back, with new kits and plenty of roster changes to breathe new life into old rivalries. 

The best way to experience the energy and excitement of an MLS match is to attend one, but this year, fans who can’t make it in person will have a slew of new options to watch the games. This season, MLS begins its partnership with Apple to host the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV, meaning that every match will be available to stream on TVs, phones, gaming consoles, and the Apple TV app.

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And while we know it’s the footwork on the pitch that gets real soccer lovers going, it’s the jerseys that help the Clubs make a statement. As the momentum behind MLS continues to grow, Clubs and their respective fans are interacting with soccer culture in their hometowns, allowing each Club to put their own footprint on what it means to be a part of soccer’s major league. Each team has tapped into Club and local lore to showcase Their Soccer, Their Way, and released a new kit for the 2023 season. Check out Complex’s favorite kits below, then hit the official Club shop at to cop your favorite one.

Atlanta United FC’s The 17s’ Kit

MLS Atlanta United FC 17s kit

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Atlanta United’s 17s’ kit is all about nostalgia. Made for supporters and true Club enthusiasts, this kit is for the Club’s day ones who remember the original 5-Stripes kit, their new fans, and everyone following the game in between. The Club bars players from wearing the number 17, acknowledging the Club’s inaugural season in 2017, forever reserving the number as a thank you to the Club’s earliest supporters. And when playing for Atlanta, you have to rep the A. So the A in the crest doesn’t just remind the Club who they are, but who they play for every time they step on the pitch.

New York City Football Club’s The Interboro Kit

NYCFC's Interboro Kit

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New York City isn’t just a city, it’s a confluence of people and cultures from around the world that form a unique place known as the Concrete Jungle. Thus, New York City FC’s 2023-24 Interboro Kit was inspired by just that. As the Club’s most colorful jerseys yet, the navy blue and orange colors celebrate the multicultural make-up New York has to offer while recognizing Lady Liberty’s burning torch.

D.C. United’s The Cherry Blossom Kit

D.C. United's Cherry Blossom Kit

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As the home Club for the capital city of the world, D.C. United tapped into nature’s most iconic symbol for its 2023 Cherry Blossom Kit. Cherry blossoms are revered for their beauty and scent, whereas D.C. United is ready to be revered for their style (and grit) on the pitch. Washington D.C. is known to attract crowds of people to see its plots of cherry blossom trees, and the District’s Club will surely do the same when they step on the field come game day.


Inter Miami CF’s La Noche Kit

Inter Miami's Noche kit

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Everyone knows Miami is the city that stays up until dawn, so it’s only fitting that Inter Miami CF release the La Noche kit for the 2023 season. The jersey is inspired by the city’s indefatigable spirit, and uses a pink hue to reflect the lights that span across the skyline during the Club’s Rosanegra Nights. The pink’s fluorescent tone is a nod to the electrifying and vibrant energy that flows into Miami’s streets after dark. Lastly, the words “Freedom to Dream’’ are written across the back collar to encourage fans to turn their dreams into reality.

Minnesota United FC’s Northern Lights Kit

Minnesota United FC's Aurora Borealis kit

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Minnesota United FC’s new Northern Lights Kit doesn’t just pay homage to the aurora borealis, as clearly seen in the jersey’s coloring and design, it also represents the Club’s Allianz Field when lit up at night. Each color bleeds into the next, blending the natural elements of water, nightfall, and the stars to match the Club’s energetic feel on the field.


Seattle Sounders’ The Bruce Lee Kit

Seattle Sounders Bruce Lee Kit

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While Bruce Lee’s contribution to cinema needs no introduction, the Seattle Sounders have chosen to highlight his contribution to their hometown with The Bruce Lee Kit. Lee lived in the city and opened up two martial arts studios during his time there, and the jersey draws elements of his philosophies into the design. It also features Lee’s signature and his Core Symbol, which he designed to encapsulate his teachings. It also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the release of his most iconic film: Enter The Dragon.


Nashville Soccer Club’s The Man In Black Kit

Nashville Soccer Club's The Man in Black Kit

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Fans of Nashville Soccer Club immediately seized on the music city’s relationship with Johnny Cash when the team debuted. On the Club’s first home match fans used a Tifo (the whole-section-sized banners you see in soccer stands) to unveil an iconic photo of Cash, altered to read “Nash” instead of “Cash”, and the Club’s logo to cover up an extended middle finger. The team and fans have been pretty close with the Man In Black ever since. This jersey features an image of Cash from his famous concert at Folsom Prison, along with his signature, and a monochromatic colorway strengthens the Club’s bond with the city’s vibrant music scene.

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