Ken Block Rips His Epic Gymkhana SIX Obstacle Course in a Ford Fiesta ST RX43

The king of rally.

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Need For Speed's racing advisor and professional rally driver Ken Block recently completed designing and building his sixth Gymkhana course and filmed this amazing video of himself absolutely destroying it (figuratively speaking) in a Ford Fiesta ST RX43. The course features elements from Need for Speed Rivals and impressive obstacles including shipping containers, a moving wrecking ball, cops on Segways, and various sharp turns that Block maneuvers around with superhuman precision. We wouldn't make it out of the first turn before slamming into a wall, but Block is able to drift over ramps, weave around construction vehicles, and do donuts around moving objects (and people) without getting a scratch on his RX43. Watch this video fullscreen with the volume up, it's the only way:

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