ISIS Bans Citizens From Wearing Soccer Gear, Threatens to Give Them 80 Lashes

ISIS has threatened to give citizens 80 lashes for wearing FIFA gear.

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ISIS has banned citizens from wearing the jerseys of several European soccer teams. If fans are caught wearing gear representing Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City, among others, they could receive 80 lashes.

The rule was declared by ISIS’ Hisba police in Iraq (the al-Furat province), which plastered decrees around the area.

The MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM), which investigates Islamist terrorism worldwide, drew light to the notices posted around al-Furat.

FIFA’s rules have been condemned as “a violation of Allah's command and the Sunnah,” according to the Daily Mirror. ISIS considers the principles of FIFA—namely that it allows for a referee—at odds with its religion.

ISIS has developed its own rules for soccer—rules that give injured players the ability to seek revenge against opponents.

There has long been tension between ISIS and FIFA. In May, 16 Real Madrid supporters were gunned down in a café by three ISIS extremists. It has also been reported that three men were recently flogged in public for playing football in Mosul.

People are also forbidden from wearing Nike and Adidas soccer gear. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sunderland, and AC Milan are among the other teams named in the decree. England, France, and Germany international soccer gear is also prohibited.

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