The 2021 NFL trade deadline passed on Tuesday afternoon with the biggest trades having already been announced by the start of the day. Dating back to early October, we saw Von Miller, Zach Ertz, Stephon Gilmore, and Melvin Ingram traded. These veterans will bolster their new teams’ playoff push significantly but some of the moves that weren’t made will be as impactful.

We have accumulated a list of winners and losers from the trade deadline. Some teams will be rewarded for their aggressiveness, while others missed the chance to significantly upgrade their roster or take advantage of valuable assets.  Several buyers refused to maximize their window to win and as many sellers are destined to lose with playmakers who could help elsewhere.

We’ll break it all down in the wake of the 2021 NFL trade deadline. Super Bowl-altering moves may have been made within the last month, and the ones that weren’t may lead to regime changes in the future. Let’s dig in.