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It’s been an eventful 12 months for the Houston Rockets. It all started off with Daryl Morey’s infamous tweet that created problems for the NBA with China, and somewhat fittingly, finished off last Thursday with Morey stepping down from his position as general manager. In between the Rockets lost in five games to the Lakers in the second-round of the playoffs, head coach Mike D’Antoni opted to become a coaching free agent rather than return next season, and the pandemic hasn’t helped the pocketbook of owner Tilman Fertitta who is heavily invested in casinos, restaurants, and resorts. We now know that Harden might want to go to the Nets and team up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, which would be nuts. 

The eyes of the NBA world now turn to Houston, where many have wondered if they'll opt to blow things up now that Morey is out of town. Fact is, we really have no idea what the Rockets will do and the current roster doesn't provide much clarity on things. For the sake of getting crazy with the NBA offseason here, let's just imagine that they decided to hear out offers for James Harden. No deal is easy and it would obviously take a haul, but let's just imagine it for a second. What would a Harden trade look like? 

Thinking about trading either former MVP on the roster in James Harden or Russell Westbrook sounds strange to say, but when everything the Rockets have been faced with, maybe it’s time for the franchise to shift into rebuilding mode. If that is the case they decide to go, here are five trades they should consider making for Harden.