With championship weekend approaching in the NFL, it’s easy to forget about Aaron Hernandez. Yet it’s been less than three years since the former New England Patriot tight end died and only seven since he was one of the most salient offensive threats in the league.

But we all remember that some of the details of Hernandez’s story are mind-bending.

He went from happy-go-lucky kid to millionaire NFL superstar—part of an unprecedented 1-2 combination with Rob Gronkowski in Bill Belichick’s offense—to convicted murderer. Then, right after he was seemingly given a new lease on life, he hung himself in his jail cell, with numerous variables potentially contributing to his decision. 

His is a complicated tale that leaves much to interpretation, presenting the question, Should we have any sympathy for Aaron Hernandez? Thankfully, Netflix has undertaken the task of objectively unpacking the circumstances, leaving each viewer to answer that question individually. 

You can consume this riveting tale in the three-part documentary series debuting Jan. 15. We got a sneak peek. Below are 10 big takeaways.