Candace Parker continues to be an all-around threat. On the basketball court, the 6’4” Los Angeles Sparks star can play every position—a product of studying NBA power forward Chris Webber’s style of play as a kid. During her time at the University of Tennessee, Parker was listed as a forward, center, and even a guard at one point. “I think initially when I first came to the game, everybody was looking at me crazy like, ‘Wait, bigs don't handle the ball—outlet it to the guard,’” she says. “Now I'm watching as everybody is bringing the ball up and playing smaller ball.” 

While her legacy will, in part, be about her ability to switch up on the court, Parker has also found a way to adapt and transform off of it. This past offseason, the St. Louis native began working as an analyst for Turner Sports. After a successful run contributing to March Madness coverage, she agreed to a season-long deal with NBA TV and NBA on TNT. Despite still being an active WNBA player and mother to a 10-year-old, Parker has found talking hoops on TV to be a natural transition.   

“Since I can remember, all we did in my household was debate and talk about basketball,” she says. “When I had the opportunity to 1) be on television doing it and 2) get paid for it, it was like a no brainer.” And like playing basketball, she still sits in on film sessions looking for ways to improve. Part of her versatility also lies in being coachable. “It's really hard to watch yourself because you notice every little thing that you do,” Parker adds. “You notice that word that you say, you notice facial expressions—like why am I doing that?”